Rotations Starting Soon!

This is a bit late to be called news, but Dr Sabariah, head of Emergency Medicine Services in Malaysia, recently emailed all ED MOs who have registered with PGMSS to update their exam status, as she is in the process of arranging rotations for the Parallel Pathway.

Especially those of you who have completed all parts of MRCEM, do collect and fill up the PGMSS forms as it is now mandatory for your rotations to be recognised as part of training. Otherwise, you will not be able to register with NSR.

Do also consider joining the FRCEM/MRCEM Malaysia Support Group on Facebook, as there are loads of information, study resources and support available there now.

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Code 001

Previously served in a West Malaysian ED, I became an MRCEM diploma holder in 2018. I started this blog to help those interested in pursuing the exam, whether to aid in their Malaysian Masters in EM application or the new FRCEM Parallel Pathway. Feel free to ask questions under the relevant posts.

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