MRCEM Award Ceremony in UK

While there hasn’t been an official invitation or notice, the RCEM has strongly indicated here that the annual award ceremony for new FRCEM/MRCEM diploma recipients will be held on 6 December 2018 in Central London.

So save your leaves and book your tickets for a UK trip! It’s Christmas season and Europe will certainly look beautiful that time of year!

Edit (25/7/2018): They have just confirmed the ceremony date and venue here. Those eligible can expect an invitation anytime soon!

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Code 001

Previously served in a West Malaysian ED, I became an MRCEM diploma holder in 2018. I started this blog to help those interested in pursuing the exam, whether to aid in their Malaysian Masters in EM application or the new FRCEM Parallel Pathway. Feel free to ask questions under the relevant posts.

One thought on “MRCEM Award Ceremony in UK”

  1. Had my diploma ceremony in December last year- pouring rain the entire time of the 10 minute walk from my hotel to Central Hall, my trousers and hair were completely soaked by the time I got in 😦

    Nevertheless it was an inspiring event


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