MRCEM is coming to Malaysia!

After months of silence about bringing MRCEM to Malaysia, it looks like this is really going to happen. This will mean lower costs and less time off needed to take the exam.

However, I don’t think it will be a true parallel pathway like MRCP or MRCPCH. It will probably be more similar to MRCS, where it becomes an entrance exam into the Masters in ED programme. The curriculum required to pass MRCEM is simply too basic compared to MMed or FRCEM Final, so it cannot possibly be considered a specialist qualification.

I also don’t think they will bring FRCEM Final into Malaysia because nowhere else in the world has, even though Singapore, Oman, and India have been hosting them for years. They would need to adapt the Critical Appraisal and QIP papers into the local system; they would need examiners familiar with the curriculum… in other words, actual FRCEM graduates. Last I checked, there are none in Malaysia.

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Code 001

Previously served in a West Malaysian ED, I became an MRCEM diploma holder in 2018. I started this blog to help those interested in pursuing the exam, whether to aid in their Malaysian Masters in EM application or the new FRCEM Parallel Pathway. Feel free to ask questions under the relevant posts.

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